This page is an introduction guide on how to install, setup and use software and tools for the analysis of test beam data.
Several software packages are used for this purpose:

1. ILCSoft ( mainly lcio and gear )

2. If ILCSoft version < v01-16-02 MarlinTPC ( AdvancedAltroConverter and reconstruction processors )

3. TestBeamAnalysisLibrary ( general analysis of different data levels and plotting tools )

Software requirements:

1. ILCSoft:

2. Install the TestbeamLibrary:

3. Scripts to run the applications from the TestbeamLibrary

4. Prepare the environment for the testbeam analysis:

Using the scripts:

The main program is called reading in a config file and a run number.


1. Create a config file:

2. Edit the config file if necessary.

3. Run the analysis

The Config File

The configuration is separated into different categories:

1. database

2. files

3. lcio

Now we get to the actual steering of what is executed:

4. reco

5. parameters

6. plots

7. ROOToutput

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