Basic grid usage

There are several pages that deal with the basic usage of the grid. A rather good introduction can be found via the DESY grid pages.

If you have the need to find specific commands, there are e.g. list of lcg commands and list of lfc commands.


There aren't much things you need:

  1. a user interface (UI) -- some software for your computer

  2. a user certificate, which you need to obtain by your specific certification authority (CA)

Both are site specific, so please look at the right place to find out about where or how to obtain these.
The daily work is done then by

  1. initialising the user interface
  2. obtain a proxy certificate
  3. do the work via the specific grid commands (provided by the UI)

Site specifics: DESY

You can find everyhting at [] about certificates.

If your desktop doesn't provide UI functionality, then

  1. log on to e.g.

  2. initialise the grid environment by invoking

source /afs/
  1. generate your proxy certificate by typing

voms-proxy-init -debug -voms ilc
  1. (optional) check whether everything worked:

  voms-proxy-info -debug -all

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