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30.11.2010, 13:00 (CET), 1st Webex Meeting

Start of weekly meetings between the Hamburg and Zeuthen groups working on polarisation and positron source issues which are supported by the BMBF project "Spin Management".

09.12.2010, 13:30 (CET), 2nd Webex Meeting

Valentyn, Positron polarization and yield versus Li-lens length LiLens.ppt

16.12.2010, 13:30 (CET), 3rd Webex Meeting

General discussion about QWT as Optical Matching Device for ILC e+ source and e+ polarization in case of 250 GeV e- drive beam

13.01.2011, 13:30 (CET), 4th Phone Meeting

Valentyn, Quarter-Wave CapturingQuarter-Wave-Capturing-rev-11-01-20.ppt

20.01.2011, 13:30 (CET), 5th Phone Meeting

Andriy, PPS-Sim: Changes in Implementation of Magnetic Fields PPS-Sim_field_implementation.pdf

27.01.2011, 13:30 (CET), 6th Phone Meeting

Larisa, Travelling Focus scheme for the FLC.ppt

Valentyn, Comparison old and new versions of QWT Comparison_old_and_new_versions_of_QWT

03.02.2011, 13:30 (CET), 7th Phone Meeting

Information exchange about status of work

15.02.2011, 13:30 (CET), 8th Phone Meeting

Femi, Model of shock-waves ShockWavesPresentation

Valentyn, Polarization and yield VS distance from QWT to target Polarization_and_yield_vs_distance_from_QWT_to_target

17.02.2011, 13:30 (CET), 9th Webex Meeting

Daniela, Testbeam data analysis of a polarimeter Cherenkov detector. Parameter Scans PolMeeting_17feb11.pdf

03.03.2011, 13:30 (CET), 10th Webex Meeting

Moritz, Spin Tracking Studies for Polarimetry at the ILC 110303Moritz_Updated110304.pdf

10.03.2011, 13:30 (CET), 11th Webex Meeting

Femi, Study of shock waves in target materials ShockWaves-10Mar11.pdf

17.03.2011, 13:30 (CET), 12th Webex Meeting

Andriy, Undulator-Based Positron Source with Photon Collimator and QWT e+_source_with_QWT_and_Collimator-17Mar11.pdf

24.03.2011, 13:30 (CET), 13th Webex Meeting

all, source group plans

07.04.2011, 13:30 (CET), 14th Webex Meeting

all, ...

14.04.2011, 13:30 (CET), ILC BDS Polarimetry Meeting


28.04.2011, 13:30 (CET), 15th Webex Meeting

Friedrich, FLUKA simulations of positron source target area

05.05.2011, 13:30 (CET), 16th Webex Meeting

Andriy, Conventional source simulations ConventionalSource-05May11.pdf

19.05.2011, 13:30 (CET), 17th Webex Meeting

Valentyn, Spin Rotators Overview spin rotators overview.pdf

26.05.2011, 13:30 (CET), 18th Webex Meeting

Femi, ...

09.06.2011, 13:30 (CET), 19th Webex Meeting

All, status of work in progress

16.06.2011, 13:30 (CET), 20th Webex Meeting

Valentyn, Spin Tracking of the ILC Post DR Spin Rotator spin tracking of ILC post DR spin rotator.ppt

02.02.2012, 15:00 (CET), Webex Meeting

Larisa, Design of the Spin rotator/flipper section for the ILC Larisa_Lancaster_03_02_12.ppt

22.03.2012, 13:30 (CET), Webex Meeting

Andriy, e+ Polarization and Target Stress for source with 500 GeV e- PolarizationStressAt1TeV.pdf

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