This page will collect information about the ATLAS Remote Monitoring Room at DESY.



The ATLAS DESY-HH room can be booked via the DESY Exchange Server:

All bookings can be seen here:


The video conference system consists of a Tandberg C20 and a NEC MULTEOS Mxx. The IP address of the ATLAS-DESY-HH video conference is The E.164 address is


You can use EVO to connect to the Tandberg. Please use the atlas-desy EVO account. Use the Call tab in Koala and choose the H.323 option. Specify "ATLAS DESY-HH VideoConf" as Display Name and enter the IP address into H.323 Address field. If you are outside a meeting, EVO will create a Private Call meeting. If you first connected EVO to a meeting, the video equipment will also join this meeting.


Conference phone: 5465
Phones: xxxx yyyy zzzz

Working Stations

PC1 (atlasrmr01): DESY Standard PC Work 10.07y with two Zotac GeForce 9500GT Zone 512MB/DDR2/128 Bit 2xDVI PCI-E (4x 19' ' screen) xorg.conf
PC2 (atlasrmr02): DESY Standard PC Buero 10.07 with one Zotac GeForce 9500GT Zone 512MB/DDR2/128 Bit 2xDVI PCI-E (2x 24' ' screen) CHERRY B.UNLIMITED Wireless Keybooard/Mouse (rechargeable, EU layout)




Working Stations


Live Streams

Monitoring links

Outside Screens

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